About Our Pastor

Lady Errica Herring has  been involved in Christian ministry all of her adult life and has served alongside her husband, Pastor Herring, throughout their entire marriage of 13 years.

Just as Pastor Herring, Lady Errica is a graduate of the St. Clair County school system.  

Lady Errica possesses the ability to reach and stir her audiences as she works to complement her husband’s ministry.

She is the daughter of Jacqueline Humphrey and the late Charles Humphrey.

Walking In God's Will

James Rodney Herring gave his life to the Lord on April 18, 1994. Shortly thereafter, he received his calling into the ministry at the East Birmingham Church of God In Christ, where he faithfully served under the leadership of Bishop Peter Wren.

During this time, the Lord gave wisdom and knowledge through the Word to Bishop Herring.  In January 2000, Pastor Herring was appointed  as shepherd of the church.

Since becoming Pastor, the Lord has blessed Bishop Herring the Baker Zion Family to move into a new edifice. He continues to give God all the Glory because when it seemed impossible with man, God showed himself to be all powerful.

The Glory of God continues to reign within the ministry today.  Bishop Herring is the founder of Walking in God’s Will Inc. He is a well-respected man of God throughout St. Clair County community.

Bishop Herring is the loving husband to Errica Herring. They have two children: Brianna Humphrey and Isaiah Herring. Bishop is the son of  Belivion Herring and James Rodney Carr. He loves his family, both the natural and spiritual, and has a heart that wants to see everyone that he knows to be blessed.